This post was inspired by one of my favorite magazines, Elephant Journal, and an entry by the super fantastic Oz of #elej, Waylon Lewis. He asked, “Why do we avoid Yoga Practice?” It reminded me of a little cycle I tend to get myself into:

Every year, just after Thanksgiving, I say to myself “Self, this year, you are not going to let the stress of this time of year effect your practice. This year, you are going to keep up with your practice right through the holidaze”. Inevitably, right after Thanksgiving, my practice begins to fade. I convince myself I’m practicing off of the mat, so my practice hasn’t totally fallen away. “I’m being nice, and cheerful, and pleasant to everyone when there seems to be so much grumpiness- I’m still practicing!” I say to myself. But not on the mat.

Then, every year, after January 1, I say “Self, this year you will begin your practice IMMEDIATELY after the start of the new year!” For some reason, it just. does. not. happen. Not right away. In fact, this year, I signed up for a class, and like WJ, I was on the phone with a-certain-computer-company-who-shall-not-be-named in order to figure out why my web site had disappeared from my computer and I missed the class!

This year, I first was inspired by the support of another new yogi friend, Nancy, the Flying Yogini to join #365yoga. After that, it took a totally out of the box meditation class to get me back to a mat. Which brought me back to that particular studio. The first class there, I knew I was in the right place when the entire back row (which I was in) started erupting into giggles. I was having fun, I was on my mat, I was back.

At the end of this year, I’m going to say “self, this year, you will not practice on your mat from after thanksgiving to the first week of January”. Then me, myself and my mat will get together and have a good laugh.


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