University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill ~ PhD, Biology

I focused on evolution and developmental biology for my PhD work.

My science background informs my life and my teaching. After finishing my PhD and two postdocs (at University of Oregon and UC Berkeley) and teaching (at Berkeley) I moved with my Soule man to New York City. Ironically, here is where I found the time and space to realize it was time to pursue dreams outside of academia.

(Oh, and yes, my mom is thrilled I left science teaching and research to become a yoga teacher! Really. The only thing she’s ever wanted is to “See all my girls happy”)

Florida Atlantic University ~ BS, MS, Biology

At FAU I received degrees in biology that focused on marine biology. My master’s education involved lots of late nights and early mornings with sea turtle hatchlings.

This part of my science background informs a lot of how I live in the world- lots of environmental and marine biology- and yes, I’m a Florida girl!