Rebecca Cheeks Soule. The ‘e’ is silent. Through the practice of yoga and meditation you can bring into balance your body, mind and spirit. My hope is to help you learn the practices that will be beneficial to you specifically. Ultimately assisting you to develop your own, personal home practice.


There are many types of, and approaches to, yoga and what it means to you and me can be as different as the variety of people on the planet. For me, yoga is like a friendship: something to cherish, cultivate, and sit with, enjoy, explore and grow into.

In practice, I encourage linking movement with breath, and taking the time to cultivate each pose, or asana. The physical comes into balance in order to sit with the more subtle aspects of your being. Once you move, you can sit; once you sit, you can be.


The translation of the sanskrit word seva (सेवा), is service.

seva soule yogaservice your soul, one asana at a time.™